Follow The Napkins

The cruise ship was so large and had so many activities going on at the same time it was hard to keep up with everything. It was almost like being at a three ring circus and the rings were separated on three separate levels. I was walking the decks and found a napkin that had been dropped by someone. It was beautiful and I realized that a wedding was taking place somewhere on board. I decided to search it out without being too obvious and labeled as a “wedding crasher.” As I browsed using my eyes and ears I slipped into a room and saw a stack of those same beautiful personalized napkins on the bar. There was the most amazing reception with a gorgeous couple dancing in the center floor. I hope the wedding launches them into a budding future.

I Need My Own Personalized Video Game

I love video games. If it weren’t for them occupying most of my free time
I would probably lose my mind. I can’t stand being bored. My parents
think I spend way too much time staring at the screen. I have tried to
explain that it keeps my brain active, that I am being productive in some
alternative universe. I don’t know why I even have to explain myself. As
far as I am concerned, the fact that I enjoy it is reason enough. They
enjoy watching their reality television shows, their “Dancing With The
Stars” or “American Idol.” What is the difference? I want to ask that
ever present question that eats away at my soul, but I know that somehow in
their parental justification that would fall under being disrespectful.
So, with a sign and pause, I remain ever silent anticipating the next
moment I can hide away in my room and escape into video game heaven.

One of the latest quests I have begun is Simsville. I have managed to have
several couples marry and am working on a baby now. What I don’t
understand is why don’t they go more into depth with planning an actual
wedding. You know what I mean. Making the actual choices like
personalized napkins, three tiered wedding cakes, color themes, reception
dinners, etc. This would make it more interesting. At least give the
player the option on whether or not they want to plan it. Maybe I should
invent my own game.

Mom Rescued My Wedding Catastrophe

All of my backup planning went down the drain. I had no backup for bugs in
the wedding favors! Who knew that the bread dough topping on the jars with
my beautiful wedding cake creations would be a bug haven? I was
devastated. I began to cry uncontrollably. Up to this point I was so
proud of myself for being ahead of schedule and keeping everything on
target. Suddenly a cog was thrown into the wheel and it seemed as if it
all fell apart right before my eyes.

My mom is a saint. She told me not to even give it another thought and she
would take care of everything. She has always had a way of making even the
worst day seem sunny. I had no idea what her plans were but as usual she
saved the day. On the way to the church she stopped by my aunt’s house and
they changed out the jars and decorated them beautifully. The favors were a
huge hit and no one was the wiser. All is well that ends well! At least
that is what my mom always says.

Ordering Invitations

It is so exciting to help plan a wedding. After planning our own wedding I realized just how much I enjoy the process. I even love to plan weddings that are really tight on budgets. In fact, those can be the most fun to plan. You have to really use your creative brain to come up with ways to make a wedding look beautiful without showing the budget restraints. It can be done and is done often. In fact it can be difficult to find any couple that is not restricted in some way by budget. There are many expenses when planning your wedding from ordering the wedding invitations to planning the menu. Everything costs something. We have been able to design some really creative wedding plans that were as basic as they could be that still held the elegance a wedding on a much larger scale would have. For one thing when you order your wedding invitations and your other wedding items from the same company you can often save. The more you order the more you save deal can be applied throughout your wedding from the centerpieces for your tables to the favors you gift your guests. You have to be smart on ways to save money while planning and you may be surprised at just how much you can afford.

Even Pepto Couldn’t Fix This Upset Wedding

I couldn’t believe my eyes! If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn I
just walked into a Pepto Bismol bottle. There is a hue on the color pallet
called hot pink and I used to actually like it. Not after I saw these
wedding decorations. Hideous isn’t even the correct word to describe the
pink explosion at this wedding. I knew pink was her favorite color. I
think she considered it her signature color similar to the girl on the
movie “Legally Blonde.” For some reason it was cute on the movie but tacky
and distasteful in real life. There has to be limitations. This is the
instance when a parent or maid of honor could gently suggest toning down on
the overload of pepto that was everywhere you looked. While I was sitting
in the wedding chapel I overhead the row in front of me making fun of the
decorations. I felt sorry for the bride to some degree. The other half of
me just shook my head in disgust. It doesn’t take a moron to see the
mistake. The only logical explanation for this disaster could be the bride
was color blind.

Red Neck Wedding Isn’t All Bad

Red neck candle holders, yep that is exactly what my co-worker called those little wonders. We were discussing what I could do as wedding favors for my country wedding. She had seen a craft done with canning jars, small candle sticks that you can get at the local dollar store and raffia string. I thought she was crazy but we researched them and they were adorable. The idea was brilliant. The tag of “red neck” candle holders went perfectly with my theme. No, I am not going all out with canned beer and potato chips. I will, however, have a keg of my uncle’s famous homemade brew available for those stout of heart gentlemen that don’t care for the normal wedding etiquette rules. The candle holders will go perfectly on my outdoor tables and be great take home favors for the guests. Even my mom liked them. The next hurdle will be trying to convince my two brothers to help me assemble them. I may have to offer a keg ahead of time to bribe their assistance. Brotherly love only goes so far when it comes to arts and crafts.

Perfect Treasury of Favors

While planning my sister’s wedding we came across some amazing decoration and planning ideas. We thought about using a wedding planner but we decided with four sisters we could surely make this event special. We met each week to discuss nothing but wedding ideas. It was such a time of togetherness that we enjoyed. Life gets so busy with children and responsibilities that sometimes we forget how great it feels just to be together. This wedding reminded us of how special we all are to each other. We began to discuss what we wanted to do for wedding favors. Our budget was so tight it needed to be something that was special and cheap or we would use nothing at all. Then suddenly the idea was placed on the table to get our grandmother to bake her best cookies and include the recipes with them. We knew she would love this idea because she was also looking for a way she could help with the wedding. This was going to be the best wedding with the tastiest wedding favors that have ever been enjoyed.

That Telemarketing Call Could Be The Pot At The End Of The Rainbow

The majority of the public masses have no concept of what b2b telemarketing truly is. They automatically assume that the caller on the other end of the line is merely taking up their precious time and thus have no inclination to listen to their reason for calling. We also assume that the majority of the time the caller is simply reading a piece of paper in their hands and have no true purpose for the interruption. This is even true in the business world. How many times have you been on the job and a b2b caller rings your line? Instead of seeing if the call would be truly beneficial to your company you hang up the line. This telemarketer is offering a service that may or may not be a lucrative proposition for the good of your corporation. However, instead of thinking you are too important to listen, take a moment and see what the offer is. There may be something truly beneficial that your employer may be extremely appreciative of. Your suggestion may move you up in the company. That one call may be the one you have been waiting for!

I Stole Her Personalized Napkins Idea

My cousin has the most exquisite taste. Her style is one to be admired. I don’t know how she does it. She works out of her home, takes great care of her husband, and always looks as if she just stepped out of a magazine. Not only is she always perfectly dressed, but her home is amazing. I can’t really say that I like her that much. Personally, I think she is rather snobbish. That being said, I do love to see what she has been up to lately. She lives in a relatively large garden home and our Christmas parties are always at her house. Her kitchen is so unique, you know the type with the copper pots and pans hanging over a center island. How many people actually have that other than in the movies? All of her walls are warm and rich, nothing is ever out of place. She is one of those people you could easily dislike, just because it is hard to find something wrong with her. Recently my mom and I were visiting her and when I went to her guest bathroom I saw a unique little holder with personalized napkins in them for her guests. Admittedly I was totally impressed. It made such an impression I copied her idea for my wedding. They came in all sizes so I ordered them to be used at the ceremony reception and at the bridal showers. I wonder if she noticed.

Printing Methods That Help The Earth

My girlfriend and I have been looking for a new place to live for a couple of months now. It’s pretty difficult to find a place within our price range that has enough room for both of us. Turns out there is a great place right down the street from where we live right now which just went on the market. The ad for it doesn’t list the price, but I’m hoping it is in our range because the place is perfect for us. It’s a building with an office attached to it. We could live in one side of the building and my girlfriend could operate her home based business out of the office half. It would be quite nice not to have her office stuff spread out all over our bedroom. She’s been looking into ways to optimize her office work and recently discovered how she could operate in a more green printing environment. Turns out she can save a bundle of money on ink and paper by switching over to more green printing methods. I think it’s a good idea just because it helps out the environment in its own way.